Century 21

Century 21

Jacques Wiesel spoke to 275 Century 21 agents at Signature Grand Hotel as well as 250 agents in Punte Gordo. It was the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, and both were awards luncheons.

Thank You from Century 21 – David M. Hardy, Senior Vice President

“I recently had the opportunity to attend two meetings (one in Punta Gorda, FL and the other one in Fort
Lauderdale, FL) where Jacques Wiesel was the featured keynote speaker at each.
Not the typical “motivational guy”, Mr. Wiesel engaged the audience and made us feel as though
we were a part of his story and that we were engaged in conversation rather than bring lectured to.
Through humor, wit and his own life experiences he was able to garner the attention of the audience
into “how I can” and not usual “why I didn’t.
I would encourage all the audiences to listen to Jacques Wiesel’s story for information and actionable
pieces that will fit into your life’s puzzle.”

David M. Hardy

Senior Vice President – Operations
Century 21


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