About Jacques

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As a refugee from World War II, Jacques’ childhood was far from “normal”. He often tells his audiences that his self-esteem was lower than a centipede with fallen arches. As he matured he began to realize that self-love is the first step to healthy living – both mentally and physically. So he embarked on a mission to help himself first.

Only when he felt he had achieved a degree of self confidence did he venture to share his experiences about living a healthful life with others. This has become his mission and has enabled him to reach thousands (hopefully millions) through lectures, writings and tapes.

Jacques Wiesel is a former president of the New York Metro Chapter of the National Speakers Association and the author of several books and audio CD’s.




Jacques delivers keynote speeches and leads seminars throughout the United States on personal motivation, human resources development, sales, customer service, and management skills.


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