Professional Speaker, received Bronze Medal for 43 articles on $uccess in the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATORS 50th Anniversary Contest.


How to Order



How to Survive and Thrive in the Concrete Jungle

99 Adventures in Positive Attitudes…Designed to Stop Self-Sabotage!


“Your outline is great, your material superb, your credentials outstanding.”
- WAYNE DYER. Author and International Speaker


Options From Within – Learning to Love Yourself and be Loved

A series of vignettes designed to help repair,
restore and reinforce your self esteem!


“Dear Jacques,
Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to sort through your vignettes entitled ‘Options From Within’. I congratulate you on your effort and on the material.
I’ve always thought that people like you and I who speak for a living have a temporary value, but the written word goes on and on.
Congratulations! I sincerely hope that your tenacity and dedication to helping people raise their self esteem will come back as a best seller.
Warm personal regards,”
– LAWRENCE T. MARKSON, D.C. President. Markson Management Services, Inc.


Bloom Where You’re Planted – 365 Days a Year!


How to Unleash Your Full Human Potential


“The world desperately needs the inspired, insightful and totally helpful thinking of Jacques Wiesel. He can captivate and motivate you to do as much or more than he has done, and his accomplishments are great. Jacques writes in brilliantly self illuminating thought bullets that taste good, refresh one’s spirit and make life take on a new meaning and purpose. I love his thoughtful insights that make me smile, laugh, think and grow wiser.” – MARK VICTOR HANSEN, Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


9 Knockdowns… 5 Miracles

From Holocaust Survivor to “MrMotivatr!”
– A Personal Memoir by Jacques Wiesel.

“The story is about a normal seven year-old boy whose life becomes a nightmare beginning in May 10, 1940 when the Germans launch an air attack on Brussels, Belgium…”
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