9 Knockdowns… 5 Miracles

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“The story is about a normal seven year-old boy whose life becomes a nightmare beginning in May 10, 1940 when the Germans launch an air attack on Brussels, Belgium, where he and his brother were born.
His life quickly transforms itself into a series of events which will plague him for the next 3 years, then turn into several Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, including but not limited to malnutrition, almost drowning, nearly bombed into oblivion in three countries, beaten and sodomized, and deathly ill.


Meanwhile he is thrown into four different cultures and three languages in that short period of time. He turned a young life full of trials, troubles, tribulations and tragedies into a triumphant career as a motivational speaker with a fresh, new approach, the result of many years of research.

His use of humor in both his lectures and writings are are in reality his defense mechanism at work, enabling him to continue past his problematic childhood. His positive attitude enables him to write a monthly column for the Happy Herald for the past ten years.
His three previous books bolster his personal philosophy that “if I can do it YOU can!”